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General Rules
You have to abide the German law. Always try to keep friendly to each other, and to follow the Netiquette. Most important: No indignities and no racist, discrimination or pornographic statements. Breaking the last point will immediately result in a ban put of the forum.
Language of the Forum
The main language of this forum is English. Because most of the users do not speak English as their first language, please try to use simple phrases to explain your problems or answering to a thread. If a problem is too difficult to describe in English, it is possible to use the German language instead, but please ensure that in this case the spelling has to be totally correct, so that non-German-speaking users are able to translate your post with a machine translator (such as Google Translator). German posts should be used as rare as possible, so that English users are not excluded from the discussion.
Languages other than English and German are not allowed.
When registering in this forum, you have to enter a valid eMail address. This eMail is only visible to the Administrators and will not be given to third persons.
During registration the selected username should be well considered: There is no possibility to change it afterwards. It should be ensured that there is no confusion with other existing users. This relates especially to the names of the Administrators and Moderators.
It is not allowed to create several accounts. If such a multi account is detected, at least one of those will get banned out of the forum.
The accounts have to be activated as it is said in the activation eMail, which is sent after completing the registration. The Administrators reserve the possibility to delete not activated accounts without comment.
Before opening a new thread, be sure you searched the forum before to find any existing threads relating to your problem. This keeps the clearness of the forum and prevents multiple threads to the same topic.
When creating a new thread, think about a good thread title for this topic. The Thread Description can be used to give additional information to the thread, but avoid senseless or too long descriptions.
A post should always belong to the topic, such as answering to the given question or presenting the own opinion to the topic. Try to write clear and pay attention on the English spelling and punctuation to avoid the possibility of several interpretations of your post. Interlace several Quotes or other boxes is forbidden, try to only quote the most important parts instead.
Images in Posts
Images in posts should not exceed a resolution of 800*600px. Larger images have to be resized before posting. Try to avoid the BMP format: The file size is too large in relation to its resolution. A post should not have more than 10 images to avoid too high traffic and a too high loading period for users with a slow internet connection.
Double Posts
Answering to your own post within 24 hours is called a Double Post. These posts will automatically be merged by the forum software. Nevertheless it is recommended always to use the "Edit" button to change the previous post instead writing a new one.
Posts without any content or only consisting of Smileys etc. are forbidden. Posts, which are not longer related to the main topic of the thread, also called Off Topic Posts, are not wanted and treated like spam.
This rule does affect all parts of the website, especially the Shouts of the Shoutbox and the Comments in the News Section.
The limitations of avatars are set by the forum's configuration. These are a maximum resolution of 100*100px and a file size of 50 KB.
The information and images in the signature should not take too much space. A good mass is a total height of 150px. Also remember that the width of images is limited by 800px, as it is in posts. Several images next to each other should not exceed this limit, too. In addition, the totally file size of images should not pass 250 KB.
Forum Police
To point other users on their mistakes from a non-Administrator and non-Moderator is seen as Forum Police and not wanted. In case of detecting a break of a rule, use the Report feature of the board, the next Administrator and Moderator will decide what to do.
The use of the Warning and Hint Boxes is reserved for Administrators and Moderators only. The use of these boxes by other users is seen as forum police, too.
Consequences of ignoring the Rules
If one or more of these rules are ignored by a user, the Administrators and Moderators will execute adequate consequences. This will start with deleting the related content from the forum up to banning the affected user temporary or completely out of the forum.
It is the obligation of the users to inform regularly about any changes of the rules.

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