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Behavior within the Clan
It is important to have an adequate behavior within the Clan, to keep the reputation of the Clan Members and the Clan itself. It is neither allowed to flame or bother any Member of the Clan, nor any other Member of the TrackMania Community.
If there should be a conflict, consider to name and discuss it in the internal forums with the involved members. A violation of this rule may lead to a ban out of the Clan.
This page is one of the main platforms of our clan. Being active on this site means being active in the clan. You are not allowed to ignore this page and e.g. only to publish your maps on TMX.
After being inactive for two months without giving a reason for that period of inactivity, the Clan Leader will try to contact you via your eMail entered during the forum registration. No response to this warning message will end with a kick out of the Clan. The Clan Leaders prevent the possibility to change the time limits in special cases of high activity of the affected user.
After joining the Clan, you have to use the following style for your Nickname, to show that you belong to the FunTrackers Clan:
You are not allowed to add any formatting like $s or $w into your Nickname except the $o in the beginning. The color of the "»" has to be black, both letters "FT" has to be in the same color of your choice. You are free to insert any colors into your Nickname itself.
Ingame Group
The FunTrackers Clan has a group in TMF, which all Clan Members have to join.
Login and Password are only visible to Clan Members.
To join a group, visit the profile page in TMF and click on "Add" in the Groups window. After entering Login and Password of the group, confirm your inputs and you are done.
Clan Skins and Signs
The FunTrackers Clan has own skins for the default car models and own advertisment signs. It is the choice of the Member, if he or she wants to use the Skins and the Signs or not.
The downloads are only visible to Clan Members.
Track Upload on FT eXchange
All FunTrackers are able to upload their tracks on FT eXchange, the clan's track swapping page. When adding a track to FT eXchange, you accept that this track will be published on the FT ManiaLink and will be downloadable for 20 Coppers by TMUF players.
You are not forced to upload your maps, but it is highly recommended, so that we get a complete collection of all clan maps.
Consequences of Ignoring these Rules
If one or more of these rules are ignored by a clan member, this user will be warned by the Clan Leaders. When Ignoring this warning and/or breaking again any of these rules, this member will be get banned out of the clan.
It is the obligation of the users to inform regularly about any changes of the rules.

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